What we do

Established in 2001 with a mission to bring high quality tv adverts and video production to a wider range of clients, our ethos has remained the same over two decades. Above all else, what differentiates us is that we offer an efficient and transparent production service. We are honest, hard working and genuine people.


With a core team of producers, directors, editors and graphic artists we work closely with agencies and direct clients to develop their vision.

Our directors are working at the highest level of commercial film making. They are hand picked for their unique talents and skills to turn a vision into a reality. We believe that if your brand and message are represented on screen it deserves the best.


White Noise has always invested in cutting edge post production facilities and developed skilled editors, colourists and graphic designers. It is key to offering a flexible service that consistently provides more yet never impacts on budgets.


In the basement of the historic India Mill can be found Lime Creative Studio’s, a 6,500 square feet studio space. The open plan layout and original vaulted ceilings, make this an ideal facility to shoot set based productions. The studio is complimented by an easy access loading bay, large storage facility, 24 hour security and private car park.