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White Noise rounded off 2014 working with Fuel Broadband on the creative & production for Fuel Broadband’s TV campaign in 2015. The advert features a couple who meet online (thanks to their Fuel Broadband internet connection!). They are perfectly suited with a similar view on eyebrows!

Featured Artists.

Fuel Broadband Featured Artists.













Directed by Matt Woodruff and shot by Roger Bonnici, the advert was shot over two days in and around the Manchester area.












Zoe MacPhail, our featured actress played the role of ‘Tony’s date’ soon became accustomed to her hair and make up!

ON3A6814 2

Above: Hair and make up artist Louise Meadows adds the finishing touches to Zoe’s look













The advert ends after the couple have been on a date to Opus Bar, at Raddison Hotel – and return to Tony’s house (played by Christian Knott) for a drink. Unfortunately, Tony isn’t quite as fond as his date’s armpits as he is of her eyebrows! What do you think about the advert? @what_fish seem to love it!

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 16.22.05

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